Before i begin discussing my relationship with my amazing and beautiful girlfriend Madeline Flamik, and the vigorous 2 year journey of a relationship we have been through as a couple. I would like to explain that everything i am speaking of in this paper is 100% true. Weather it is communication competence, nonverbal cues, dialectical tension, abstract language, and nonverbal communication. They have all seemed to squeeze their way into my relationship in multiple cases.
Madeline Marleene Flamik… where do i begin. Lover, sexual partner, girlfriend, moral supporter, and best friend. These are all things i get to call my beautiful partner. Now don't get me wrong it wasn't easy for her nor myself to be able to be at the place we're at today. Love life is a very peculiar thing, but to me the stranger thing has to be the emotions as well as interpersonal communicational tracks explored while going through love. I mean think about it this person makes my heart hurt when im away from here yet when im with here i wanna rip her head off. This is what i like to call the wonderful world of love.
When influencing me as a person as much as she has, and i don't say this lightly. There were many communicational barriers we had to get through. One of the toughest to me was by far dialectical tensions. The one that affected us the most has to be expression-privacy tension. When we went through our first year of college. We started to see this barrier pop up a lot with her not telling me certain things that i would like to know and me telling her too much that she would have like to hear otherwise. We eventually found a way to express our lives in a almost half and half way. With her telling me stuff she knew i would want to know as well as me telling her the same. This was a huge battle for us, but ended up being the glue to our ever growing relationship.
With relationships comes sex, desire of lust, as well as just loving each other. A huge portion of our amazing relationship relies on this wonderful thing called nonverbal communication. First let me explain nonverbal communication so you can better understand the impact it has had on my relationship. Nonverbal comm. Is communication without the use of spoken word. This can be anything from facial expressions to the gesture of your hands. The fascinating thing to me is how much you come to know these nonverbal actions and can pinpoint exact emotions and phrases as well as desires associated with them… Nonverbal cues as we call them in the study of communications. My favorite example of this was actually something that happened this october break. We were in the car talking as usual. I started to talk about something that made her unhappy, i know i'm a terrible boyfriend; Besides that the cue happened to be her making the slightest change in tone as well as an almost overwhelming sense of uncomfort. We continued the drive and i know by now to not ignore these cues but talk around them. when i say this i simply mean to speak in a way that comforts her as well as assuring her i'm aware of this cue and i'm working on fixing it.
My Communication competence cannot be completely blamed on my relationship with Madeline. I have moved a lot of my life and making friends and being good at it wasn't always easy. This has surly fueled the flame. Where i can give credit to the relationship for this has to be teaching me what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. As well as decoding abstract language. Communication competence truly has to be the reason we've made it as far as we have in this relationship. The understanding of different messages as well as how they are sent and received between one another has made our relationship stronger than bruce banner himself. (The Incredible Hulk).
Madeline Marleene Flamik… where do i begin. Lover, sexual partner, girlfriend, moral supporter, and best friend. These are all things i get to call my